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Getting to know “Prophet Advocate Joshua”

BECOMING a prophet at such a young age and owning a church has proved that not even the sky is the limit for this young man.
“Prophet Advocate Joshua” as his followers call him started a church called Prophetic Ministries International 6 years ago when he allegedly had a vision from God.

The vision came in the of a dream and from a younger age he had known about having the gift of prophecy.
He decided to start a church during his days as a student at the Midlands State University where most of his followers are.
The headquarters of the church are however in Chitungwiza town where the young prophet has hundreds of followers of all ages.
Christianity in Zimbabwe started with the white settlers as part of their objective to spread the “word” of God in Africa.
Accusations on these men of God are that they use these churches as businesses to gain profits but Prophet Joshua says he has a job as a lawyer and starting a church was a calling from God.

The name Prophet Advocate Joshua was acquired from his followers because they view him as God’s advocate.
Also the act that he is a lawyer contributed to the name “Advocate”.

“My spiritual father is prophet TB Joshua” said Prophet Joshua during the interview.
When asked about how Prophet TB Joshua became his spiritual father, Prophet Advocate Joshua claims that he had a dream where the great Prophet endorsed him as his spiritual son.

The young prophet urges those with spiritual problems to come and seek help from his church as he performs miracles.
These miracles include instant weight loss, casting out demons, healing of the sick and many more.
The man of God however mentions the challenges of being so young and having to do the work of God.
“I have managed to fight temptations as a young man of God through prayer and perseverance” said Prophet Advocate Joshua.
The church has its headquarters in Harare and one branch in Gweru.

Prophet Joshua is now a married man, he tied the knot late last year with his long time sweetheart.

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