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Top 40 Influential Christians List 2017

Christianity is the dominant religion in Zimbabwe with an estimated 87percent of the population following one of the denominations of Christianity. 2017 has been a very interesting year for Zimbabwe, with a lot of fascinating events and activities that have influenced a lot of change in the nation. Very rarely do we compose a list of Christians who have worked positively to influence and inspire the nation through the various works that they do. As the Zimbabwe Christian Youth Alliance, here is our top 40 list of Christians who have made notable and positive contributions in 2017.

1. Pastor Evan Mawarire (The organiser of #ThisFlag protests he is undoubtedly one of the leading Zimbabwean activists who inspired and motivated Zimbabweans to stand up for their rights and speak up against corruption).
2. Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa (A true Christian leader who has inspired a positive attitude in Zimbabwe at a time when everything looked dark and gloomy he provided great teachings that inspired hope and instilled faith in the nation).
3. Prophet Walter Magaya (a very understated business mogul who has invested a lot back into the community by way of sponsorship of the national football teams and creating employment locally for the people through his construction projects. He has not externalised his resources like some other man of the cloth).
4. Tudor Bismark (a great father figure who has been a voice of reason. He has provided the much-needed fatherly advice to a nation now drowning in spiritual fathers. He has maintained a very dignified and irreproachable morale standard teaching a pure doctrine devoid of show off. Which is a very welcome approach in a nation that now has celebrity preachers).
5. Prophet Jay Israel (a young and exciting preacher of God’s word who has championed a movement to make Jesus Christ the centre of attraction as opposed to celebrating the preachers or prophets. The leader of Spirit Life Church is Zimbabwean born but is based in Eastern Cape in South Africa were his influence continues to grow).
6. Paul Mwazha (is the founder and leader of the African apostolic Church and perhaps the oldest of all living church leaders he is 99 years old but still very active. He has inspired thousands by the way he has led his church and the discipline he inspires amongst his congregation).
7. Brilliant Pongo (a success coach and Christian author, known as ‘God’s Author’. Pongo has inspired a lot of young Christian ministers and has also worked with a number of Christian ministries helping the spruce up their media image and PR through his media company Onward Media consultancy).
8. Fungai Ndemera (a very enterprising lady who started of as a nurse but now runs a multi-million-pound business. She is a motivator and mentor with a great love to teach others how to prosper in business).
9. Stephen K Mpofu (a very humble man of God who has restored hope in the Christian music and entertainment promotion. He has successfully promoted gospel artists and musicians and has held world class events which gave platform to some of the greatest gospel artistes).
10. Prophet Charles Ibrahim (The leader of Arena of Liberty International Miniseries he is acclaimed for the great way in which he researches and prepares for his great sermons he has inspire a great number of young Christians particularly those of university age. He is also author of the blockbuster book titled “Interpreting God’s Voice”).
11. Dr. Shingi Muyeza (Prolific businessmen and Church leader)
12. Julie Condliffe (Solicitor, property investor speaker and writer. Julie has helped many Zimbabweans purchase properties in the UK)
13. Caroline Mujeyi Nyakudya (Gospel artist and broadcaster)
14. Dr. Brighton Chireka (Medical doctor and blogger)
15. Marshal Chiza (Motivational author)
16. George Jongwe (Preacher of the word)
17. Stephanie Chiyangwa (Inspirational and motivational speaker and preacher of the word)
18. Bishop Dave Chikosi (Christian leader and writer)
19. Sisonke Ndlovu (Christian leader and preacher)
20. Thelma will (business woman)
21. Nkosi Ka Ndlovu (Gospel Musician and philanthropist benefactor of Zidulini foundation)
22. Jaimie Oliver Garande (Christian leader, author and community/business leader)
23. Prophet F. Jay Moses (Christian and community leader)
24. Obert Mazivisa (Gospel Musician and Church leader)
25. Gloria Gudza (Known as the General of God, this lady is a Christian leader and businesswoman of note)
26. Sithule Nicole Tshuma (founder of Qoki a women empowerment group)
27. Prophet Advocate Joshua (Christian leader and Lawyer)
28. Rumbidzai Bvunzawabaya (Community leader and Lawyer)
29. Timothy Ngwenya (Musician, Community leader)
30. Prophet Edd Branson (church leader)
31. Apostle Obey Kachembere (church leader)
32. Prophet Uebert Angel Mudzanire (Church leader Businessman)
33. Flo Kanyati (Christian leader Grace unlimited interdenominational)
34. Abel Mavura (Motivational speaker and author)
35. Pastor Lee Mugwagwa (Road) (leader of Elite Family Church. Pastor Lee has been a leading light an example to the people of Beitbridge and beyond)
36. Khumbu Malinga (editor of online Christian news site ‘My Christ News’)
37. Prophet S Muleya (Community leader and Church leader)
38. Taziva Mapango (Christian writer)
39. Happy G Zhou (Christian writer)
40. Joseph Madziyire (Musician music promoter and community leader)


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